POP UP SMS PRO | SMS Mobile | Sms Popup

Download on Amazon app stores: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=com.chf.vn.smspopuplauncher

Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smspopup

POP UP SMS PRO | SMS Mobile | Sms Popup provides a convenient popup dialog when a message is received that allows you to quickly read and reply to messages. It also provides in-depth customization of message notifications including contact specific sound, vibrate and LED settings.

Full features list:

+ Convenient popup window on incoming message
+ Quickly reply, delete or close the message
+ Built-in “Preset Message” for “quick reply” for even faster messaging directly from popup window
+ Have your messages read to you using text-to-speech
+ Reply to messages using the system voice recognition
+ Customize notifications including sound, vibrate pattern, LED color (if available) and notification icon.
+ Customize notifications for individual contacts
+ Setup notification reminders (repeating notifications if you miss the first one)
+ Optional privacy mode to hide sender name and message contents

* Using Note:

1. To change the buttons show in message POPUP dialog, Please go to Button Configuration.
2. Hold the Content of the Text(Message body), the popup menu will show all functions you can using to handle this message(Reply – Reply using system SMS, Quick Reply – Using our Quick Rely Dialog, Close, Delete,View Contact, Text-To-Speech) as you can see in demo picture.
3. To avoid conflicts and multiple alerts, please disable the system SMS notifications and any other apps that provide a notification when a SMS is received. To turn off the system notification, go to the messaging app, hit menu -> settings and un-check notifications.
4. POP UP SMS PRO | SMS Mobile | Sms Popup offers the ability to customize notifications on a per contact basis. When a new message comes in, SMS Popup Launcher will first check if the contact has a customized notification. If so, those settings are used, otherwise the default notifications are used. Using this functionality, you could set things up so only a few contacts show a popup while the rest trigger a regular notification. You could also ignore certain contacts by setting their notification to silent.

– Improved support for Android 4.4 KitKat. However – deleting messages and marking messages as read from the popup is no longer possible in Android 4.4 KitKat.
– POP UP SMS PRO | SMS Mobile | Sms Popup does mark message as “read” – if the notification tray icon does not disappear, make sure you disable the system messaging app notifications and use SMS Popup’s notifications instead.

Quick SMS Reply, quick sms, quick sms reply android, Quick Sms Popup.

Quick SMS Reply, quick sms, quick sms reply android, Quick Sms Popup.

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