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#1 SMS POPUP PRO TO GO WITH YOUR PHONE. Basing on many requests from Free version, Quick SMS MMS(QUICK SMS POPUP), this Pro version is created. If you like the free app Quick SMS MMS, consider donating to the project by purchasing this premium app. All funds will go toward making this app better.

SMS POPUP PRO | POP UP SMS PRO provides a convenient POPUP dialog when a message is received that allows you to quickly read and reply to messages. It also provides in-depth customization of message notifications including contact specific sound, vibrate and LED settings.

★ Full features list ★

+ Ads-Free

+ Transparent Popup( New)

+ Customized Popup size base on SMS, MMS content length or device’s screen( New)

+ Coincided SMS, MMS received( New)

+ Work well on tablet ( New)

+ Convenient Popup window on incoming SMS,MMS.

+ Quickly reply, delete or close the POPUP

+ Built-in “Preset SMS” for “quick reply” for even faster messaging directly from POPUP window

+ Have your SMS read to you using text-to-speech

+ Reply to Sms using the system voice recognition

+ Customize Sms, MMS notifications including sound, vibrate pattern, LED color (if available) and notification icon.

+ Customize Sms, MMS notifications for individual contacts

+ Setup notification reminders (repeating notifications if you miss the first one)

+ Optional privacy mode to hide sender name and SMS, MMS contents

★ Some useful comments from Free version ★

Joseph Eros on Mar 6, 2014 at 10:40 PM – HTC One (m7wlv) – Works well, has a couple ads that pop up every so often but understandable for a free app. I would pay $2 for an ad free version of this. Otherwise, I still recommend.

Brian Francisco on Mar 13, 2014 at 10:12 PM – Galaxy S4 (jflteatt) – Would love an option to purchase to turn off ads.

✔ Important:

– SMS POPUP PRO | POP UP SMS PRO does mark message as “read” – if the notification tray icon does not disappear, make sure you disable the system messaging app notifications(To turn off the system SMS notification and Google Hangout Notification, go to the messaging app, hit menu -> settings and un-check notifications) and use SMS Popup’s notifications in app SETTING instead.

– Improved support for Android 4.4 KitKat. However – deleting messages and marking SMS, MMS as read from the SMS Popup is no longer possible in Android 4.4 KitKat.

– To avoid conflicts and multiple alerts, please disable the system SMS notifications and any other apps that provide a notification when a SMS, MMS is received. To turn off the system notification, go to the messaging app, hit menu -> settings and un-check notifications.

✔ Supporting languages:

Chinese (Simplified) – zh-CN
Chinese (Traditional) – zh-TW
Danish – da-DK
Dutch – nl-NL
English (United Kingdom) – en-GB
Greek – el-GR
Italian – it-IT
Polish – pl-PL
Portuguese (Brazil) – pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) – pt-PT
Serbian – sr
Spanish (Spain) – es-ES
Spanish (United States) – es-US
Swedish – sv-SE
Turkish – tr-TR

Sms popup pro

Android Sms popup pro

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